About Us

About Us

Integrality is a software development & IT consulting company registered in Estonia mainly staffed by Ukrainian developers.

Our main goal is to provide quality services to our Customers in different industries.

Our mission is to help Businesses achieve their goals by developing cutting-edge software solutions.

Having Clients from DACH market and the US allows us to find the right approach to the Customers worldwide.

Relying on the quality of the work rather than on quantity gives us a possibility to deliver products very close to the Customer’s expectations.

Having expertise in web/SaaS development makes it possible for us to build amazing websites with unique functionality and user interfaces.

Fluent communication, different working models and turnkey solutions will make Integrality Your Integral IT Provider.

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Our teams

Dmytro Chervinko


Yurii Moisiuk


Roksolana Dmytryshyn


Nazar Balaban

UX/UI Designer

James Norris

VP Business Development North America, +1-650-996-2875