Backend Developer

About the Customer:
  • Our Vision: bring seamless fiscalization to everyone.

    We achieve that by providing our services built on top of distributed systems in the area of digital signing and cryptography. We do all this in order to prevent the tax-fraud at the retailer’s end.

    Our Development Mantra: API First! That means engineering best practices play a very special and important role in our daily life. Our Products: currently serve the German and the Austrian market needs, but we go a step further.

    Our Team: strives to create a #noBullshit kind of company environment. A company where #peopleComeFirst. Let’s disrupt the world of tax-fraudsters together!

About the Project:
    • You’ll be part of one of our teams formed out of 3 to 5 people, with an end2end delivery responsibility. We achieve this by having a Continuous Everything approach (also known as GitOps).
    • You’ll be working on one of our SaaS solutions for fiscalization
    • You’ll get the chance to have an end2end responsibility from developing, deploying, until monitoring and maintaining of the software you and the team will create
    • You’ll take care that our documentation is relevant and supports us internally and externally
    • Last but not least, you’ll get the chance to shape how the future of our solutions will look like
    • Since this position is remote, there will be a 1-2 weeks in person onboarding process, and Get2KnowYourTeam events, where you and your team have the chance to meet in person in our Headquarter in Vienna
  • You will be a fit for our team if

    • You stay true to yourself; we strive for a diverse environment where people of every gender are valued and welcomed
    • You have at least 4 years of fulltime working experience in one or more OOP language (Golang, Java, .NET, …)
    • You have a strong desire to learn and to develop in Golang
    • You have knowledge about distributed systems and proven experience working with them
    • You have experience with Docker or similar container platforms
    • You have experience with RESTful and RPC based APIs
    • You can communicate ideas and concepts to non-technical colleagues
    • You enjoy collaboration and working in a team
    • You can work, preferably, within the EU borders, or in a ±2h time zone difference 
    • You are fluent in English

    You will impress us if

    • You have knowledge about SOLID principles and design patterns
    • You have experience working in a Continuous Everything environment (GitOps)
    • You have working experience with asynchronous message / event based systems (RabbitMQ, Kafka, PubSub, …)
    • You knowledge about different types of database systems and when to best apply them (relational, document storage, key-value, …)
    • You dare to lead, and to discover new ways of solving complex problems
    • You are curious and willing to develop yourself continuously, personally, and professionally
    • You know what Schmetterling and ausgezeichnet mean 😉

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