Software Development




Signum is a secure and reliable e-signature service system for businesses and individuals that enables signing agreements and other documents anytime, anywhere.

Business challenge

The task of our team was to create technology for signing and approving all types of documents online, including bank forms, tax documents, insurance paperwork, invoices, contracts, proposals, leases and other housing and rental agreements.

This e-signature service has to comply with security standards and combines best practices in reliability and authentication.


Our team developed an unique product that makes electronic signing easy without compromising on data security. We have implemented verification algorithms based on face recognition that obtains clients photo, analyzes and records his unique biometric parameter.

Our face identification system is able to determine whether a face is “alive”, so photo can’t be used to excess to the records. With Signum you will be able to perform multi-signing process of various types of documents, invite other users to Signum, send reminders to other signers and check signing status.

We implemented multifactorial identification by using face and voice. We also implemented a security system based on BlockChain for Smart Contracts. Its main advantage is that document (contract) is validating by Ethereum system during signing.

It is distributed among several hundreds and even thousands of computers around the world. Data stored on the BlockChain is generally considered incorruptible.